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Liron Amram

Arabic-Funk, Disco, Rock


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A singer, composer and a producer with an exceptional style in the Israeli musical and cultural landscape. Considered as one of the main forerunners in the new wave of Mediterranean music.


Amram is defined as an original artist, one who pushes and challenges genre boundaries, presenting a unique combination of pop, rock and disco, alongside arabian violins. But the most intriguing and dominant influence is that of Yemenite music, passed on to him by his father Aharon Amram, a well-known singer himself, who was born in Yemen and made a successful career as a singer, songwriter and musician of traditional Yemenite music in Israel.

Amram Jr. received the desirable Akum Prize (The non profit corporation that administers the copyrights of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel) for "Breakthrough of the Year" in 2018 and entered the Forbes Magazine "Under 30" list for 2019. 


Late in 2018 he released his acclaimed debut album "An Old Dream". This after the album’s title track and debut single was already declared as “The most played song of 2018" on the leading Israeli radio station, and was chosen for “songs of the year” list by the leading newspaper in Israel, “Yedhitoh Aharonot”. In the following months it was ranked as the Israeli song with the most Shazam searches.  

All the following singles released also received booming reviews and entered playlists across Israeli radio stations. The last song released, "Where to", was given the following review from TimeOut Tel Aviv: "This is probably one of the most beautiful Hebrew songs of the past few years."  


Liron Amrams' on-stage show, accompanied by his band - The Panthers - features mostly original, Hebrew materials from Amrams' album, alongside many of his fathers' classic middle-eastern club hits.

On stage, a range of musical styles, such as rock, pop, disco, mid-eastern, funk and electronic interweave into an authentic yet modern performance that fashions a musical reality where anyone can feel at home.

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