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A supergroup made of three highly regarded musicians in the israeli scene: Drummer Aviv “Sol Monk” Cohen is a virtuoso drummer and a spacey beat maker, Shuzin is a cross-genre shape-shifting producer, and Yonatan Albalak is one of the busiest guitar and bass players in Israel.

After years of collaborating with A-list musicians (Avishai Cohen, Marina Maximilian, Kutiman, Ester Rada, etc.) the three have merged their distinctive artistic personas to create Geshem.


Crowned as the pioneers of the psychedelic-post-rock scene, Geshem's unique musical style draws influences from Trip-hop and IDM, constantly shifting moods and colors in both their studio works and their critically acclaimed super-charged live concerts .


In 2018 they released their debut album Sungazing on Ghostown Records - An album composed, produced, performed and recorded by the band members in their home studios.

In 2019 they released a self produced claymation for the single “Telephone" winning 3 international awards thus far.


Alongside their own music, Geshem often take the role of re-arrangers - Over the past few years they have presented groundbreaking adaptations to Jazz standards , Portishead 's live orchestral album and Gershwin's opera “P orgy and Bess ”.


Geshem are currently working on their second studio album, to be released in 2020.

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