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Middle-eastern, rock, pop, disco


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At the milestone of their 32 years anniversary, Teapacks remains one of the most influential groups in the Israeli musical landscape to this day. With ten successful albums (three of them certified gold and two platinum), one Eurovision performance and countless radio-hits under their belt, the band’s undeniable popularity seems to be only growing as they continue to fill up the largest venues in the country.  

The band was formed in 1988, by lead singer Kobi Oz and bass player Gal Pereman. They decided on the name “Teapacks” (Known as “Tipp-Ex”, a famous correcting fluid) because they wished to erase boundaries between sides and individuals in the complex Israeli society. 


Their debut album "Sunflower peel path" was released in 1992, and their second album "The last in the lower decile" was released in 1993, Both have reached a gold album status over the years.


The turning point for the band arrived in 1995 with the release of their third album, “Your Life in a Laffa”, reached the status of a "Platinum Record" in Israel. 

In 1997, Teapacks was named “Band of The Year” as "Kiss to an Uncle" Their fifth album had reached major success as well. One of the tracks was used as the theme for a popular Israeli sitcom, “Shemesh”, and became a huge hit. 

In 1999, the band released "Disco Meniek" it was a concept album that redesigned the band's sound.


The band was continuously active throughout the ’90s and 2000s, releasing music and reaching amazing media and commercial success. "Sitting in a café" Was the most played song for 2001 on the Israeli radio, the band's Combining pop and rock with middle-eastern music, Teapacks songs have become an inseparable part of the Israeli cultural cannon. 


In 2007, the band was chosen to represent Israel in the famous Eurovision song contest in Helsinki. They performed the song “Push The Button” which raised global controversy due to references to Iran and nuclear war.


In late 2008, the band announced their split after 20 years, but four years later, they have returned to business and later in 2016 released a new album.


The four main members of the band, Kobi Oz, Gal Peremen, Rami Yosifov, and Tamir Yemini joined by five new musicians, including the sensational singer Daniel Sun Krief for a one of a kind authentic show. They keep on selling out venues across the country, as the audience can’t get enough of their rhythmic, humoristic, Middle Eastern and nostalgic act.

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